Less (public) activity

The last month or two, I did not find as much time to write blogs as I had hoped to. Unlike the beginning of this year, when I reflected on inactivity due to long COVID, the decrease in my current (public) activities is due to different, and positive, reasons.

The preparation for my upcoming Black Hat Europe Arsenal presentation is taking up quite a lot of time, especially since I also need to record it. To pack the project’s structure, set-up, lay-out, usage (including a demo) in less than forty minutes is quite the challenge. As such, the preparation requires more time and effort when comparing it to a regular talk.

The (currently) eased COVID restrictions in Western-Europe, and The Netherlands specifically, mean that it is easier to meet-up with people again, which I have really enjoyed. It also means that holidays are easier to plan, and subsequently enjoy said holiday. I spent a week without my laptop, enjoying the sunny weather. That decreases the time I generally spend on blogs in the month as well, but it did give me some interesting ideas for potential blogs in the future.

Stay safe, and go out into the nature from time to time.

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