About me

Who am I? My name is Max ‘Libra’ Kersten and I am currently on my way to get my bachelor’s degree in IT & Cyber Security. Nearly everything in that involves security has my interest nowadays, whereas malware has always had my interest. My nickname is a reference to my Zodiac sign.

Besides doing research, I like to write papers to inform others about the best practices and newest trends in the security world. On this website, I’ll be posting security whitepapers, proof of concepts of vulnerabilities and other projects.

The biggest project I am currently working on, is the Binary Analysis Course, in which the methods to analyse multiple types of binaries are explained with the use of free and open-source software, together with step-by-step explanations of both the technical side and the thought process of the analyst.

My own projects follow my interests, resulting in multiple side projects. I have made an anti-ransomware tool named Capricorn and a anti-virus evasive shellcode packing tool named Gemini. Gemini is still being developed.

Other projects that I will post from time to time are analyses of Android malware, proof of concepts and workshops/lectures. Security awareness is important, since the weakest link more often than not is a human being. If you want to talk about awareness or want me to give a workshop/lecture, feel free to e-mail me at any given time.
Besides the aforementioned things, I am also an avid Reddit user on the TechSupport subreddit under the name of ThisIsLibra. I answer questions from user who have problems with their hard- or software. One can also find me on Twitter where I post updates on the Binary Analysis Course.

My proof-of-concepts can be found, together with my other projects, on my GitHub account under the name of ThisIsLibra.

To contact me, you can e-mail me at [info][at][maxkersten][dot][nl] or send me a PM on Reddit.