MalPull 1.3-stable release

MalPull is designed to download malware samples in bulk using a minimal amount of API calls from services that limit requests. This version purely updates the internals. Those who use the command-line interface of MalPull will not notice any differences. Those who want to use MalPull in their own project will be in for a treat.

Since version 1.3-stable, one can create a MalPull object (located in malpull.Malpull) to use the multi-threaded downloader. It will return an object with all results, which can be used in any desired way. The threads log their progress using a given PrintStream object. To print the log to the standard output, simply use the System.out PrintStream object. One can also disable logging and simply wait until the downloading is complete.

The current command-line interface is present in malpull.cli.MalPullCli, and works identical to the command-line interface that was present in previous versions. This class also serves as an example for people to understand how to use the main module.

The program’s source code and precompiled Java Archive can be found on GitHub. The latest release is also available on GitHub.

To contact me, you can e-mail me at [info][at][maxkersten][dot][nl], send me a PM on Reddit, or DM me on Twitter @Libranalysis.