Privacy Policy

What personal data is collected?

Privacy in general is something I take very serious, which is why this site has enforced HTTPS since the beginning and it is also the reason why there is no tracking in any form on this site. Loading external content has always been kept to a minimum and is, as of now (26th of May 2018), completely removed. Below are multiple topics that visitors might wonder about.


Upon visiting the website, your IP address is logged together with the page you visit in the Apache Logs of the hosting provided (which is visible for me). This site serves as a means to express myself online and I appreciate feedback and tips, but I do not share the visitor results with any other party. Do note that my hosting provider (Neostrada) potentially has the option to view these logs. The data is stored for one (1) year before it is deleted.


This site does not use cookies in any way or form.

Embedded content from other websites

This site does not use content from another domain. Everything is self hosted.


This site does not perform any analytics besides the above mentioned IP address logging.

Who we share your data with

Your data is not shared with anyone nor is it used for anything but myself viewing the amount of traffic that the site generates.

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