Illness and inactivity

Over the last months, the amount of new blogs has unintentionally decreased. In March 2020, I became ill with the (then quite novel) Corona virus. The roughly two weeks that I was in bed, weren’t enjoyable. However, as most young and healthy persons, I recovered.

Over time, more and more became known about the virus, as well as something called long Covid. I remained extremely tired, up until the point that a 850 meter round-trip to the supermarket was enough to warrant an hour of sleep directly afterwards.

This fatigue, even though it slowly decreased, together with other unwanted after effects, caused me to use the (partially) prepared blogs that I had lined up at first. My MageCart research was the only thing I did in my spare time, aside from watching TV and sleeping. But even then, I was unable to stay on-track. I wrote my latest MageCart research running on fumes. I picked up tasks that were easier for me, and allowed me to split the work in small parts. As such, that resulted mostly in coding.

Aside from that, I had (and have) a private project that I want to open-source later this year. The original planning was to create several blogs ahead of time, which would allow me to work on the private project in the time that became available. As this buffer was already used, I was left empty handed, which is quite visible when looking at the blogs from the last few months.

In the middle of October 2020, I felt a lot better again, and I had regained my sense of smelling a few weeks prior. I had not smelled much since March 2020, which made it a welcome change. With the help of additional exercise and rest, I’ve since recovered back to normal! I have several ideas for new articles, and the above-mentioned private project is ahead in terms of planning. New articles will be coming out soon. There are exciting, and hopefully safe, times are ahead!

To contact me, you can e-mail me at [info][at][maxkersten][dot][nl], send me a PM on Reddit, or DM me on Twitter @Libranalysis.