AndroidProjectCreator 1.5.2-stable release

This AndroidProjectCreator updates the Log4J dependency, which is used by the org.eclipse.jgit dependency, to version 2.16.0. This update is required because CVE-2021-45046 affects 2.15.0. The previous update to version 2.15.0 addressed CVE-2021-44228. AndroidProjectCreator does not use Log4J internally, as it simply writes log messages to the standard output using System.out. The above-mentioned Git dependency gives … Read more

AndroidProjectCreator 1.5.1-stable release

This AndroidProjectCreator update brings a simple yet required change: the the org.eclipse.jgit dependency uses Log4J, which has a severe remote code execution vulnerability in it, tracked as CVE-2021-44228. To avoid needless error messages, AndroidProjectCreator embeds the logger. The Log4J version that is used, has been updated to a version that is not vulnerable anymore, which … Read more

AndroidProjectCreator 1.5-stable release

This update contains two changes in the back-end of AndroidProjectCreator that do not affect the usage of the program. The program’s source code can be found here, along with the latest release. The first change relates to an optimisation related to JAD-X. When using JAD-X as the decompiler, APC now utlises JAD-X’s direct decompilation, rather … Read more

AndroidProjectCreator demo

Analysing an Android application, commonly referred to as an APK, can be done in a variety of ways. One can use APKTool to decode the application, thereby obtaining the manifest, the classes.dex, and the application’s resources. The classes.dex file can then be converted into a JAR using dex2jar, after which it can be decompiled. All … Read more

AndroidProjectCreator 1.4-stable release

This update adds a new feature to AndroidProjectCreator: the compact installation of all dependencies. To update to this version, simply replace the JAR and replace it with the new release. To quickly install AndroidProjectCreator, one can use the compact installation, as is shown below. java -jar ./AndroidProjectCreator.jar -compactInstall This clones all required tools from a … Read more

AndroidProjectCreator 1.2-stable release

Version 1.2-stable of AndroidProjectCreator brings numerous new features, such as an additional decompiler, a working update mechanism, improved user feedback, squashed bugs and an updated decompiler! Improved documentation in the code Greatly improved user feedback when the wrong arguments are entered Wrong decompiler arguments now provide feedback to the user to improve the ease of … Read more

AndroidProjectCreator 1.1-stable release

Version 1.1-stable of AndroidProjectCreator brings numerous new features, such as additional decompilers, squashed bugs and additional functionality based tooling that was already within APC! Added the prebuilt CFR decompiler Added the prebuilt Procyon decompiler Added functionality to save and copy the SMALI files into the resources folder of the project Added functionality to save and … Read more

AndroidProjectCreator 1.0-stable release

From this moment on, AndroidProjectCreator version 1.0-stable is available in this repository. The details regarding AndroidProjectCreator can be found in this article. To contact me, you can e-mail me at [info][at][maxkersten][dot][nl], send me a PM on Reddit, or DM me on Twitter @Libranalysis.