On this page, the changelog of Gemini is displayed. To avoid confusion: each change is based on the previous released version.

Beta 0.3 [27th of June 2018]

  • Rewrote the code-base of Gemini to a plug-in architecture
    • Increased usability and support for new languages at a later stage
    • Increased stability and code management as things are properly managed
  • Function handling
    • Increased the required information to output a function to the necessities that are required for any given language
    • This more verbose approach will improve the way the function handling works when more modules are added
  • Module C
    • Added support for shellcode execution on Linux

Beta 0.2 [2nd of May 2017]

  • Multi-platform support
    • Fixed a bug in which the file separator would be assigned wrongly
  • Documentation
    • Javadoc has been updated to include the latest changes
    • Added inline comments to the code to give an in-depth insight in each function
  • Optimised the Java code to prevent the passing of unnecessary variables
  • Removed redundant code
  • Removed multiple bugs
  • Added extra variable names in the sandbox methods
  • Improved the algorithm to generate final variable names in the sandbox methods
  • Corrected license information in the source code of Gemini

Initial beta release – Beta 0.1 [15th of April 2017]

List of features

  • ModuleC
    • In the constructor all the necessary variables are initialised
    • Every module* file should have a ‘build’ function which accepts a string-array as an argument, this will initiate the creation of the output file
  • Generator
    • All the instructions that are provided are saved here for later use
    • In this file, the headers, shellcode execution and main functions are created
  • Anti-virus evasion
    • The assembly of the buffers is managed here
    • The evasive techniques that are used are managed here
  • Sandbox evasion
    • All the sandbox checks are managed here
  • Virtualisation evasion
    • All the virtualisation checks are managed here