MalPull 1.4-stable release

MalPull is designed to download malware samples in bulk using a minimal amount of API calls from services that limit requests. Version 1.4-stable shakes things up, as the command-line interface is changed, a new service is added, dependencies are added, and other minor improvements are included. The program’s source code and precompiled Java Archive can … Read more

Less (public) activity

The last month or two, I did not find as much time to write blogs as I had hoped to. Unlike the beginning of this year, when I reflected on inactivity due to long COVID, the decrease in my current (public) activities is due to different, and positive, reasons. The preparation for my upcoming Black … Read more

Illness and inactivity

Over the last months, the amount of new blogs has unintentionally decreased. In March 2020, I became ill with the (then quite novel) Corona virus. The roughly two weeks that I was in bed, weren’t enjoyable. However, as most young and healthy persons, I recovered. Over time, more and more became known about the virus, … Read more

Cisco Cyber Security Expo CTF

On the 16th of January 2018, I participated in the CTF of Cisco at DeFabrique in Utrecht. The duration of the CTF was from 10:00 until 15:45, nearly 6 hours. After solving quite some challenges, I managed to secure the second place and won a Raspberry Pi 3 and a couple of Ikea Smart Lamps. … Read more


The last couple of months have not been filled with my absence, whereas it did look like that. In the time that I did not post anything, I have been working on multiple projects. These projects will be posted here once finished. The products are finished, I only have to add the extra Javadoc for … Read more


This is the first blog post published on the website, with hopefully more to come. In the future blogs, the new developments of projects and whitepapers is shared.