My impression of Botconf 2024

This year was Botconf’s 11th edition, located in Nice, where I gave a four hour workshop regarding DotNet Malware Analysis. This year, the talks were often rated as TLP:GREEN or higher, within the traffic light protocol, meaning that the recordings of the talks on Botconf’s YouTube channel are somewhat more limited, which in turn limits … Read more

Ghidra Tip 0x03: Dark Theme

This article is based on the public release of Ghidra 11.0.1. The demand for a dark theme in tooling is overwhelming, and the National Security Agency has heard the community’s requests. Since Ghidra 10.3, released on the 11th of May 2023, themes are supported within the framework. This tip focuses on how to enable the … Read more

Ghidra Tip 0x02: BSim

This article is based on the public release of Ghidra 11.0.1. In 2023, just before Christmas, the NSA released a new feature for Ghidra called BSim. This feature is best explained by stating the feature’s name in full: Behavior Similarity. The comparison of functions is useful for a variety of purposes, such as but not … Read more

My impression of BlackHat Asia 2023

Blackhat Asia 2023 took place on the 11th and 12th of May 2023 in the Marina Bay Sands Expo in Singapore. This blog will cover my experience of the conference, including a comparison to last year, along with references to those who I met along the way. The folks from ToolsWatch, NJ, Faisal, and Rachid, … Read more


This blog post is a rather short one, especially for my doing. This month, I moved digitally and physically. This blog migrated to another hosting provider, and I moved to a different city. Alas, this took up more time than I’d have liked (granted, I wanted it to take no time at all, so that … Read more