What is Capricorn

Last week, the Wannacry ransomware had a wild outbreak and ransomware has been a hot topic in the news ever since. A couple of weeks ago, I developed the idea to create a program which monitors your filesystem and controls the damage as much as possible after an infection. The idea is simple yet effective … Read more

Gemini Beta 0.2

The past weeks have been filled with work on my internship, another program (Capricorn) and other subjects. Therefore the release has been slowed down a bit, even though I processed some of the changes I have in my to-do list. Changelog Multi-platform support Fixed a bug in which the file separator would be assigned wrongly … Read more

Ethics regarding Gemini

Since the start of the development of Gemini, I’ve have contacted numerous people and asked them their opinion about the release of software like this. Evidently, the program can be used by those who want to learn more about the workings of malware and detection techniques, but it can also be used by those who … Read more

Gemini Beta 0.1

Gemini’s current release This is the first release of Gemini’s changes. Since this is the first set of release notes, the initial set-up will be explained and the latest tweaks will be described. Gemini is built in a modular way. Each module can be used to generate code in another language. Currently, the only implemented … Read more