On this page, the changelog of Capricorn is displayed. To avoid confusion: each change is based on the previous released version.

Version 1.1 (Stable release) [23rd of January 2018]

  • Added support to include headers corresponding with the extension of each honeypot file
  • Increased the verbosity of the feedback that is shown to the user

Version 1.0 (First stable release) [23rd of June 2017]

  • Optimised performance based on sample tests
  • Supports honeypot repairing, uninstalling, and a help menu
  • Logs the detected encrypted honeypot files in Log.txt in the user’s desktop folder
  • Optimised shutdown method on Windows based on a tip by Jurjen de Jonge
  • User feedback increased a lot

Beta (initial release) [21st of June 2017]

List of features

  • Platform support for Windows and Linux distributions
  • Deployment of the honeypot folders
  • Detection of changes in the honeypot folders
  • Able to shut the computer down when a change is detected
  • Able to scan how many files have been encrypted
    • This function is still in early stage of development and currently works based on a hard coded file extension
  • Uses less than 1% of your CPU when running in the background
    • 0.1% CPU usage after half an hour