MalPull 1.3-stable release

MalPull is designed to download malware samples in bulk using a minimal amount of API calls from services that limit requests. This version purely updates the internals. Those who use the command-line interface of MalPull will not notice any differences. Those who want to use MalPull in their own project will be in for a … Read more

MalPull 1.2.1-stable release

MalPull is designed to use a minimal amount of API calls from services that limit requests. In version 1.2-stable, support to download samples from Triage was added. This service has, currently, no API request limit, yet it was queried the latest. In this minor fix, it has been moved up, making it the first to … Read more

MalPull 1.2-stable release

MalPull now supports Triage support as a location to download samples from. Do note that you need a working API key to use the service. Additionally, some minor changes have been made in the JavaDoc. Lastly, the amount of downloaded samples was wrong, as it used to display the amount of loaded hashes, rather than … Read more

MalPull 1.1-stable release

MalPull has received an overhaul, as it is now uses multiple threads to download the given hashes concurrently. It is now also able to download samples from VirusTotal, if you have a working API key. This release contains breaking changes compared to the last version, as the command-line arguments have been changed. At first, the … Read more

MalPull 1.0-stable release

MalPull version 1.0-stable has been released! All information about the tool can be found here. This first release contains the basic functionality, but more features can always be added. Feel free to suggest features via the contact methods at the bottom of this post. Bugs can be reported in the same manner. To contact me, … Read more