Binary Analysis Course: release notes 0x02


  • A new Practical case: Patch Me 0x01 has been added in chapter 2
  • In chapter 2, a new article has been planned under the name of Calling conventions
  • Syntax highlighting on all code fields in all articles


  • The index page has been altered to explicitly mention the focus on free and open-source software
  • The article Basic CPU architecture has been altered to include a reference to the planned Calling conventions article
  • Removed needless sudo command in the Radare2 section of the set-up article
  • Altered aaaaaa to aaaa in all articles, since there is no implemention for an analysis with more than four times the character a
  • The set-up article now contains an explanation about the help function in Radare2
  • Updated the introduction page with hyperlinks to all articles in the chapter
  • Added links to the next article in all articles

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