Binary Analysis Course: release notes 0x01


  • The start of the second chapter, named Conditions and loops, is now published in the course.
  • In chapter 2, a new article has been planned under the name of Crash course. In this article, the most common instructions will be explained.
  • A new practical case has been planned in chapter 2, which refers back to the Conditions and loops article.


  • On the index page, the coming chapters have been altered significantly. The memory layout chapters have been changed to an explanation of known file formats (which is in line with the original planning). The renaming has been done to make the index page clearer.
  • Multiple formatting errors in the previous created chapter have been resolved, which should increase the readability.
  • The set-up article now also contains a section which explains how to use the GNU Compiler Collection.
  • The basic CPU architecture article now includes the instruction pointer (IP, EIP and RIP) and the usage of flags. The flags are used in theĀ Conditions and loops article.

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