AndroidProjectCreator 1.3.1-stable release

In AndroidProjectCreator 1.3.1-stable, a bug where spaces in path names would be interpreted as multiple command line arguments has been fixed. This happens more often on the Windows platform, as a lot of users use their first and last time as their username. As such, there is a space in the path. The code has been updated to contain a encapsulate method in the class. This method expects a string as argument, which is returned within quotes. The function is given below.

private String encapsulate(String value) {
    return "\"" + value + "\"";

The encapsulation of the APK’s file name has already been in place since version 1.2.2-stable, but was done in-line, rather than via a function. Version 1.3.1-stable uses this function in all places, thereby fixing this bug.

The new version can be found here. Note that simply replacing the JAR within an existing installation is sufficient, as there are no other changes within the program’s structure.

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