The last couple of months have not been filled with my absence, whereas it did look like that. In the time that I did not post anything, I have been working on multiple projects. These projects will be posted here once finished. The products are finished, I only have to add the extra Javadoc for my Java programs and write content for the pages on which I’ll publish them.

The following projects will be posted:

  • ShoulderSurfer, a command line interface Java program which smartly lists all the possible options for uncertain letters in a string. The name is derived from the technique ‘shoulder surfing’, in which someone watches the keyboard of a user whilst he or she enters the password. The mapping of the keys is fully customisable in the source code.
  • Whitepaper “Understanding Malware”, in which the architecture of malware is discussed together with other aspects. The lay-out of the paper is suited for both readers with and without knowledge in this field.
  • Whitepaper “Multi-Platform Malware”, in which a technique is explained how to transport malware with the help of multiple platforms whilst staying (fully) undetected.
  • Stringer, a command line interface Java program which processes strings that are given. The input is return in multiple formats to see if the content was encoded unbeknownst to the user. Additionally, the patterns of the most used hashes are taken into account. The user is told if the input is a possible hash.

Any questions can be e-mailed to [info][at][maxkersten][dot][nl].