Seniorweb Lecture

On the 18th of May, I gave a lecture for the volunteers of Seniorweb regarding security awareness. The two groups who attended the lecture posed interesting questions about security. The biggest challenge for me during these two lectures was to keep the explanation simple.

Analysing malware is a specialist’s job, one which I’m being educated for. The volunteers of Seniorweb can have any background and are there to solve problems in the most practical way. Giving tips about ransomware and what to do with anti-virus suites is much more of aid than the technical information about the malware. Avoiding using specific terminology was rather hard during the creation of my presentation. Instead of terminology, using analogies was a rather helpful way of explaining most concepts.

The most questions I got about anti-virus suites were created by the marketing campaigns of said programs. The subtle differences between programs caused confusion: what is anti-malware software? And how does it differ from anti-virus software? Is a virus malware? Is malware a virus? This is something I notice more often, and without a technical background, those questions can be quite difficult to answer.

What surprised me the most about the two groups, were the amount of questions I got. Unlike younger people, these volunteers kept on asking questions until they had a firm grip on the subject. Though the way of thinking is noticeably different, I thoroughly enjoyed presenting and would do it again if possible.