A review of the Ghidra Book

This review covers No Starch Press’ Ghidra Book, which is written by Chris Eagle and Kara Nance. The book provides an extensive overview of Ghidra’s capabilities, including screenshots and examples. This review covers the whole book, where I summarised each chapter, together with my thoughts and experiences on the covered content. Within the conclusion, a … Read more

AndroidProjectCreator demo

Analysing an Android application, commonly referred to as an APK, can be done in a variety of ways. One can use APKTool to decode the application, thereby obtaining the manifest, the classes.dex, and the application’s resources. The classes.dex file can then be converted into a JAR using dex2jar, after which it can be decompiled. All … Read more

MalShare API client in Java

MalShare is a free initiative for researchers to share malware samples for research purposes, which can be accessed via the website and via the API. Before open-sourcing this API client, there was no publicly supported Java library. The code can be found on Github. Below, more information on the usage is given, as well as … Read more

AndroidProjectCreator 1.4-stable release

This update adds a new feature to AndroidProjectCreator: the compact installation of all dependencies. To update to this version, simply replace the JAR and replace it with the new release. To quickly install AndroidProjectCreator, one can use the compact installation, as is shown below. java -jar ./AndroidProjectCreator.jar -compactInstall This clones all required tools from a … Read more

MalPull 1.1-stable release

MalPull has received an overhaul, as it is now uses multiple threads to download the given hashes concurrently. It is now also able to download samples from VirusTotal, if you have a working API key. This release contains breaking changes compared to the last version, as the command-line arguments have been changed. At first, the … Read more

Thoughts on malware creation and research

People learn by doing, hence the saying practice makes perfect. Not everything that people make, is published. Sometimes researchers deliberately refrain from publishing specific material. In this blog, I want to talk about the balance between malware creation and malware research. Needless to say, the type of creation that is covered in this blog, is … Read more