A year in Threat Intelligence

In March 2019, I started within the threat intelligence team of ABN AMRO. In this blog, I’ll look back onto my first year of working as a threat intelligence analyst. Before diving into that, I’ll provide some background on what I looked for in a job, and what working in a threat intelligence team embodies. … Read more

Closing in on MageCart 12

This is the fourth blog with details on the activities of MageCart 12. In this article, yet another part of their ongoing campaign is uncovered. The amount of infected sites for this campaign is higher than in the previous cases. Before diving into the infected sites, and the rough duration of the infections, information regarding … Read more

Binary Analysis Course: release notes 0x19

Additions Added a new chapter named Documentation, where articles with tips regarding documentation are placed Added the Article structure article to the Documentation chapter Added a new chapter named Analysis scripts, where articles regarding automatic analysis scripts are placed Moved the Automatic string formatting deobfuscation article from the Malware analysis chapter to the Analysis scripts … Read more