Ghidra Tip 0x03: Dark Theme

This article is based on the public release of Ghidra 11.0.1.

The demand for a dark theme in tooling is overwhelming, and the National Security Agency has heard the community’s requests. Since Ghidra 10.3, released on the 11th of May 2023, themes are supported within the framework. This tip focuses on how to enable the default dark theme.

Once Ghidra is started, regardless if you have opened a project, one can change the theme. Within the toolstrip menu, click on Edit->Theme->Switch, as is shown in the image below.

Open the theme switcher

This will open a window where one can select any of the available themes. The Nimbus theme is the default theme. The default dark theme is the Flat Dark Theme, as is shown below.

The theme switching window

When applying the theme, the dark theme is instantly applied to all windows, shown in the image below.

The same switch window, with the applied dark theme

You can tweak existing themes and/or create new ones! Do note that the existing themes will ensure that text in all views within Ghidra are readable, and colours are adjusted to create and non-intrusive experience. The Code Browser’s disassembly listing view is given below in a side-by-side comparison.

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